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Category: PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy Proven to Empower Your Body to Heal Itself

Written By Ortho Injury and Wellness Center on May 28, 2021

PRP--platelet-rich plasma--is a therapy that’s been around for approximately 40 years. It’s used extensively in the sports world to treat musculoskeletal injuries and has spread into other medical fields.  At Ortho Injury & Wellness Center in Lithonia, we offer PRP injections... Read More

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Written By Ortho Injury and Wellness Center on March 12, 2021

Unexplained pain can get in the way of daily life. Whether you’ve recently been injured or suffer from chronic pain or degenerative issues, an increase in pain or other symptoms should be investigated immediately. If traditional treatment methods haven’t worked,... Read More

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